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FreeTail EVOKE 64GB 800x

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  • High-Speed Performance - UDMA 7 for optimal interface speed (read up to 160 MB/s; write up to 85 MB/s).
  • Made for High-End DSLRs - Built to support powerful processors and the latest DSLR technology.
  • Developed for the Pro, Perfected for Everyone - Ideal for rapid, continuous shots and capturing action photography.
  • Premium Video - Records in 1080p full HD, 3D, and even 4K Ultra HD resolution (DSLR, camcorder, and 3D camera compatible).
  • Backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand behind the quality of our products.
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FreeTail Tech provides advanced, compact flash memory solutions, that are geared towards high-end cameras and professional photographers.

FreeTail Compact Flash Memory Card 800x

Catered towards professional photographers, FreeTail’s 800x Compact Flash Cards are built to support powerful DSLR processors and advanced technology.  With Ultra DMA transfer mode 7 (UMDA 7), FreeTail Compact Flash Memory provides optimal interface speeds.

Professional Performance
Up to 160 MB/s transfer speed which is best for rapid, continuous shooting and ideal for capturing those action shots with crisp clarity. It doesn’t stop there! Increase post production efficiency with writing speeds up to 85 MB/s.

Premium Video Quality
The FreeTail Compact Flash Card not only allows you to capture video in 1080p full HD, but in 3D and even 4K Ultra HD as well! Peace of mind knowing that you’ll be be able to capture those precious moments in sharp, stunning high definition quality.

**General capacity approximations only. Actual results will vary based on megapixel count, compression, video frame rate & resolution settings, and content.**

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